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Noelle Criminova
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a comic book artist and illustrator from Brisbane, Australia (currently in Melbourne!), my forte being pulp, princesses and pin ups. I love horror, folklore, noir and trash. My style is a mish mash of european, manga and Disney. Proud to be nouveau bohemian!


RE:N WIP by quotidia
A WIP of a group shot for Resurrection Nina. My basic blue lines before clean up and then inks. Not any promo art in particular, but a piece I wanted to knock out to show the latest actor on board how his ideas looked 'on paper'.

You can see how some stuff is messier because it kinda falls out of my fingers, while other sketch work looks neater because I had to really focus and slave at it to get it from my brain to the tablet. The title character, Nina, is the central figure and will probably always take the most effort and concentration to draw properly. I just know it. Probably because it's her story and it's very much her personality to be so finely groomed and in control - does anyone get that? That a character's personality seems to infect how you draw them?

Like Dandhi in the corner there gave me no trouble, because as long as his clothes are amazingly weird and unique, he's happy. Chick with candle, happy so long as she's dressed and posed the way she wants. Girl up top left took agggess to figure out, especially her hair, but then her hair is literally a huge shield for her character and usually worn to cover the scar on her face... so moving it to one side to depict the scar, seemed to make drawing any part of her a massive struggle.

Or maybe I just get way too into drawing characters with unique visual attributes.

Anyways, these are my tablet scratchings.
The Amazing Dandhi - Make up test by quotidia
The Amazing Dandhi - Make up test
The Amazing Dandhi is a side character from my upcoming comic/live action series Resurrection Nina. He's a famous clairvoyant, TV psychic, has his own dodgy hotlines, and lends his 'incredible gift' to the police force in 'solving' crimes. There is much more to him than his public persona, though, which I'm looking forward to revealing through the comics.

This was the result of my first make up test with the actor who'll be playing him. Styling the wig, getting his stage make up figured out. Dandhi plays on ancient egyptian, art nouveau and art deco styles a lot - his make up and colour schemes are from his fascination with pharaohs. The right eye, when he raises his eyebrow, turns into a question mark (his stupid trademark, always punctuating sentences). A lot of gold eye shadow, blue notes in his hair, and his clothes are blue and gold themed while following a weird mish-mash of vegas art nouveau mucha. Like old school magicians, who beautifully tailored their look to project a character.

Dandhi is very much about presentation to mask the real fellow.

He isn't in costume here, and is missing a contact lens, as well as it being a basic test - we were originally just styling the wig but decided to go all out with my make up for some test photos (note how he isn't clean shaven, where he will be for actual shoots). He brought out the tarot cards and things just worked, lol, there was Dandhi.

The primary influences for his character are: The Stupendous Yappi from the X-Files, The Amazing Randi (from whom we lovingly pay homage with the pun name), Alexander 'The Man Who Knows', Crowley, and many more bits and pieces from golden era magicians and spiritualists.

I laughed my ass off when a shot from this test I had on instagram was liked by the official final fantasy account... does that mean he's got official bishounen status? God damn I hope so.

If you'd like to follow development, you can add me on instagram: noellecriminova
Or on Twitter: spookycriminova

As I haven't made a dedicated facebook group yet, and the comics is still in production and yet to go live online.
Jessica Jones test by quotidia
Jessica Jones test
A very quick test. Someone joked on my instagram that my look for the night was very JJ - and yeah, I was wearing the biker jacket, hoodie, scarf, I have this hair currently - before leaving for an doctors appointment I thought 'let's see just how far I can take this with a little hair and make up and the right attitude adjustment..' Shit. I am Jessica Jones.

And it looks like now I'm going to do a full proper professional Jessica Jones photoshoot with the best photographer I've ever worked with (dude is like the Jim Jarmusch of casual instagram shots, let alone his ability to capture the soul of characters through his theatre photography experience) and a Kilgrave who used to be one of if not the most well known David Tennant cosplayers in Australia... now a seasoned professional actor whose gift for being a sweetheart in real life but being able to convincingly play the most twisted of villains can only equal FUN TIMES.

I'm also a seasoned director of photoshoots and a lighting wizard, plus a university trained photoshop level 5 cast no shadow retouch necromancer. So what we can't achieve on location with wigs and make up, we'll do in post, and hopefully have something arty as fuck.

If you want to follow my behind the scenes stuff and updates, check out my facebook artist page. Sketches, photos, updates and I talk back:…
Eve in Tribute by quotidia
Eve in Tribute
Moved by the death of Anton Yelchin, and with the delivery of a wig for another project, I challenged myself to a make up run portrait as Eve from Only Lovers Left Alive. A movie very dear to me, in which Anton played a wonderful role and had me convinced he'd eventually win every award in the business.

I had only dry shampoo to style this brand new synthetic wig, nothing to stick the lacefront down, and my trusty $12 Ikea lamp for lighting to take this on my phone. My make up is what I had lying around. But I really felt I had to do something in tribute to such a short, remarkable life.

I admit I'm surprised at the results, as I'm very non-Tilda (just well versed in make up and portraiture, but that only goes so far). The only photoshop fiddling is the blue tint to the background, otherwise skin and hair is exactly as shot on my phone, purple and gold tones complete.

Resurrection Nina by quotidia
Resurrection Nina
A little ink sketch all fancied up with pencil, red gouache and some shoopin' polish. This is Nina. Nina has a score to settle.

I'm going to be working on a whoooole heap of shit, and only my finished work will end up here - you can however follow my facebook artist page. There'll be sketches and WIPS, but also shots of my performance and modelling work, film and photoshoot stuff, as well as links and access the multimedia portion of upcoming work. Nina's story will have a significant degree of multimedia presence, and believe me, you'll want to jump on board that pulp train to painville from the beginning.…


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So as some of you may know, I have been recovering from a chronic illness that took a severe dive midway last year. Medication necessary to that recovery fucked up my hands. I couldn't exercise fine motor skills. My ability to paint and draw just ceased to be. I haven't been on that medicine for some months now, thankfully, and my body has been recovering and returning to normal and FINALLY I've been able to start working my way back to drawing. It's slow and painful but it's happening :D.

I thought I'd never draw again, so to keep myself sane, I started writing a novel. It's actually looking good! I've had a few offers from publishers for the main thing, as well as short stories to set it up and side stories to serialize the universe online. So maybe the hands being crippled was the best thing to happen at the time? Life certainly is a wonderful, weird thing.

I'm not sure where my art is going. Certainly, losing the major skill you've defined yourself by is a terrifying, existential crisis I wouldn't wish on anyone. It puts a lot of things into perspective. I was playing it safe and boring, doing the same old, same old. I wasn't trying to improve or drive my ability forwards. I was painting what I *could* not what I *wanted* to.

I have no idea if or when commissions will happen again. Right now I'm just glad I can walk, so let's not talk about running any races.

It sure is nice to be back, though. I missed you lot. I missed bringing people to life. Thank you for being patient with me.

Let's see where it goes from here :).

~ Noelle.

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